PALACES is a sensory installation of sound and sight based loosely on the mnemonic technique of memory palaces, a constructed structure in our minds that holds several "rooms" for memories and thoughts.

The installation consists of created sensory environments contained in 24 x 24 inch boxes. Each sensory box seeks to heighten one particular sense and provide a personal experience for each viewer; therein individuals leave with their own intimate memory. PALACES is both a singular and shared experience. 


Pia Coronel is an artist, curator, community builder, c[x]o

G.Romero is an artist, educator, curator and storyteller.



"Connection"- 17min video loop of two people who seem to dwell in the same space but exist in two separate realities. The male and female character rattle back and forth inside of a tiny apartment but they do not interact with each other.

As they move through the rooms, the light in the dark seems to be the connecting root of these two lives. The struggle to find connection between these two characters or to one's own individuality is eternal.        A never-ending search for commonplace.

The box is a calming, soundless, serene environment with a voyeuristic feel.  

30 sec clip of "Connection"

Materials: MDF, latex paint, tablet, led lights, natural moss, baby's breath, black fabric | 24x24x24 inches


"Duality"- 2 min long sound loop. The piece starts with sounds of a large crowd. One individual voice rises up and begins to be in discussion with someone. Yet you cannot decipher whom the voice is speaking to.

Another underlying voice comes through and breaks up the ambience. This voice, a more internal one, whispers underneath and rambles on.

The box itself is a mirage, once entered you are inside of a cylinder layered in silver mylar. There is a cool blue light inside and surrounding you is a reflection of yourself. This reflection is fragmented, the mylar bubbles and spills around you, therefore you cannot have a clear depiction of anything. The only clear sensation is the sound from the headphones you put on before entering.

Interior view

30 sec clip of "Duality"

Materials: MDF, latex paint, mp3 player, led lights, silver mylar, headphones, black fabric | 24x24x24 inches